Geoinformatica  0.90
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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||oCGeometryA root class for geospatial features
|| \NDialogs
||\CLayerUpgrade Geo::Vector, feature and geometry objects to Geo::Vector::Layers
|oCRasterA class for geospatial rasters
||oCLayerA subclass of Gtk2::Ex::Geo::Layer and Geo::Raster
|||\CDialogsA helper module to bring in the GDAL dialogs in Glade XML
||\CMultiBandLayerA subclass of Gtk2::Ex::Geo::Layer, which constains several Geo::Raster objects
|\CVectorA geospatial layer that consists of Geo::OGR::Features
| oNGeo
| |oNDialogs
| |oCDialogMaster
| |oCDialogs
| |oCGlue
| |oCHistoryInput history a'la (at least attempting) GNU history
| |oCLayer
| |oCSchemaA class for layer schemas
| |oCOverlay
| |oCPseudoOverlay
| |oCCanvas
| |oCScale
| |\CTreeDumper
| \CGeo
|  \CGraph
oCral_active_edge_tableFor rendering a polygon with holes
oCral_catchmentCatchment structure
oCral_cellAddress of a cell of a grid
oCral_cell_integer_valuesCollection of cells from an integer grid
oCral_cell_real_valuesCollection of cells from a real valued grid
oCral_color_tableHash, where the keys are long ints and values are colors
oCral_double_color_binsHash, where the keys are bins defined with doubles and values are colors
oCral_double_rangeRange defined by two real numbers
oCral_estimateEstimated value
oCral_geometryArray of points, which represent a simple geometry
oCral_gridRectangular grid of integer or real values for geospatial data
oCral_hashHash (index for hash items)
oCral_hash_double_itemDouble value in a hash
oCral_hash_int_itemInteger in a hash
oCral_hash_integer_itemRAL_INTEGER in a hash
oCral_hash_integer_range_itemInteger range in a hash
oCral_hash_itemItem in a hash (abstract base class)
oCral_hash_real_range_itemReal value range in a hash
oCral_int_color_binsHash, where the keys are bins defined with ints and values are colors
oCral_int_rangeRange defined by two integers
oCral_integer_color_binsHash, where the keys are bins defined with RAL_INTEGERs and values are colors
oCral_integer_grid_layerRAL_INTEGER grid and visualization information
oCral_integer_rangeInteger range
oCral_interpolatorLinear interpolation made easier
oCral_layerArray of geometries
oCral_lineTwo points: begin and end
oCral_pixbufCairo image canvas and a gdk style pixbuf
oCral_pointXYZM point
oCral_polygonArray of points (nodes)
oCral_pour_point_structA struct used in many algorithms that work with DEMs
oCral_real_color_binsHash, where the keys are bins defined with RAL_REALs and values are colors
oCral_real_grid_layerRAL_REAL grid and visualization information
oCral_real_rangeReal value range
oCral_rectangleTwo points: SW and NE corners
oCral_string_color_tableHash, where the keys are strings and values are colors
oCral_variogramSample variogram
oCral_visualVisualization information
oCral_visual_featureOGRFeatureH and visualization information
oCral_visual_feature_tableArray of ral_visual_features
oCral_visual_layerOGRLayerH and visualization information
oCral_windowWindow in a grid