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Edition 24.10.2010

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Copyright © 2010 Ari Jolma This material may only be distributed subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL), V1.2 or later (the latest version is presently available at
Geoinformatica is a software stack for working with geospatial data. This is a developer's guide for writing geospatial programs to be executed from command line, in web servers, or as programs with graphical user interface. The guide covers the whole stack but focuses on the upper layers, which use Perl.

1. Document Conventions
1.1. Typographic Conventions
1.2. Pull-quote Conventions
1.3. Notes and Warnings
2. We Need Feedback!
1. The Geoinformatica Software Stack
2. Perl
2.1. The Perl programming language
2.2. Some basic Perl modules used in Geoinformatica
2.3. The Gtk2 modules and namespace
2.4. The Geo::GDAL modules
2.5. Specific Geoinformatica Perl modules
2.6. Other Perl modules for geospatial
3. Cairo, GTK+ and GNOME
3.1. Cairo
3.2. GTK+
3.3. GNOME
4.1. Proj4
4.2. GEOS
4.3. GDAL portability library
4.4. GDAL geospatial data model
4.5. Geospatial algorithms in GDAL
4.6. GDAL Perl bindings
5. libral
5.1. libral rasters
5.2. Raster algorithms in libral
5.3. Rendering of geospatial data in libral
6. Geo::OGC::Geometry
6.1. Test Section 1
7. Gtk2::Ex::Geo modules
7.1. Test Section 1