Geo::GDAL  2.2
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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|oCGDALGDAL utility functions and a root class for raster classes
||oCAsyncReaderEnable asynchronous requests
||oCBandA raster band
||oCColorTableA color table from a raster band or a color table, which can be used for a band
||oCDatasetA set of associated raster bands or vector layer source
||oCDriverA driver for a specific dataset format
||oCExtentA rectangular area in projection coordinates: xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax
||oCGCPA ground control point for georeferencing rasters
||oCGeoTransformAn array of affine transformation coefficients
||oCMajorObjectAn object, which holds meta data
||oCRasterAttributeTableAn attribute table in a raster band
||oCVSIFA GDAL virtual file system
||\CXMLA simple XML parser
|oCGNMBase class for geographical networks in GDAL
|oCOGROGR utility functions
||oCDataSourceA vector dataset
||oCDriverA vector format driver
||oCFeatureA collection of non-spatial and spatial attributes
||oCFeatureDefnThe schema of a feature or a layer
||oCFieldDefnA definition of a non-spatial attribute
||oCGeometrySpatial data
||oCGeomFieldDefnA definition of a spatial attribute
||oCLayerA collection of similar features
|\COSRBase class for projection related classes
| oCCoordinateTransformationAn object for transforming from one projection to another
| \CSpatialReferenceA spatial reference system