Geo::GDAL 0.21



These pages document the GDAL Perl bindings version 1.5 API. The documentation for the version 1.4 is available here.

The version 1.5 Perl API will be backwards compatible with 1.4.

Documentation for the current development version.


The Geo::GDAL modules are the Perl bindings to the GDAL/OGR library. The modules allow you to access and manipulate from Perl all geospatial data that the installed GDAL library is configured to read/write.

This documentation covers mainly the syntax of the bindings. For more in-depth documentation see the main documentation of GDAL and OGR.

Some arguments are optional and have a default value. This is illustrated like this:

SomeMethod(arg1, arg2 = 4);

arg1 is a required argument and an example or a variable with illustrative name is given.

arg2 may be left out and if left out, will get the value 4 (in this case).

An argument can also be optional, i.e., not given at all, in which case there is no default value.

Only the last argument or arguments can be left out.

In some cases a method can be called in two or more ways, e.g.

$object->method(1, 2, 3);
$object->method(number=>1, param=>2, other=>3);

In these cases the method is documented separately for each calling syntax.

Most of the methods may throw an error, which can be caught by putting the call into eval{}; and then examining the contents of $@.