Geo::GDAL  2.4
Geo::GDAL::GeoTransform Class Reference

An array of affine transformation coefficients.

Public Member Functions

public method Apply (scalar x, scalar y)
public method Inv ()
public method NorthUp ()
public method new (array params)

Detailed Description

An array of affine transformation coefficients.

The geo transformation has the form

<br>x = a + column * b + row * c
<br>y = d + column * e + row * f

(column,row) is the location in cell coordinates, and
(x,y) is the location in projection coordinates, or vice versa.
A Geo::GDAL::GeoTransform object is a reference to an anonymous array [a,b,c,d,e,f].

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Member Function Documentation

public method Geo::GDAL::GeoTransform::Apply ( scalar  x,
scalar  y 

Object method.

xColumn or x, or a reference to an array of columns or x's
yRow or y, or a reference to an array of rows or y's
a list (x, y), where x and y are the transformed coordinates
or references to arrays of transformed coordinates.

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public method Geo::GDAL::GeoTransform::Inv ( )

Object method.

a new Geo::GDAL::GeoTransform object, which is the inverse
of this one (in void context changes this object).

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public method Geo::GDAL::GeoTransform::new ( array  params)

Class method.

paramsnothing, a reference to an array [a,b,c,d,e,f], a list
(a,b,c,d,e,f), or named parameters
- GCPs A reference to an array of Geo::GDAL::GCP objects.
- ApproxOK Minimize the error in the coefficients (integer, default is 1 (true), used with GCPs).
- Extent A Geo::GDAL::Extent object used to obtain the coordinates of the up left corner position.
- CellSize The cell size (width and height) (default is 1, used with Extent).

When Extent is specifid, the created geo transform will be
north up, have square cells, and coefficient f will be -1 times the
cell size (image y - row - will increase downwards and projection y
will increase upwards).
a new Geo::GDAL::GeoTransform object.

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public method Geo::GDAL::GeoTransform::NorthUp ( )

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