Geo::GDAL  2.3
Geo::GDAL::AsyncReader Class Reference

Enable asynchronous requests.

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Public Member Functions

public method GetNextUpdatedRegion ()
public method LockBuffer ()
public method UnlockBuffer ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Geo::GDAL
public method ApplyVerticalShiftGrid ()
public method BuildVRT ()
public method CPLBinaryToHex ()
public method CPLHexToBinary ()
public method CreatePansharpenedVRT ()
public scalar DataTypeIsComplex (scalar DataType)
public list DataTypeValueRange (scalar DataType)
public list DataTypes ()
public scalar DecToDMS (scalar angle, scalar axis, scalar precision=2)
public scalar DecToPackedDMS (scalar dec)
public method DontUseExceptions ()
public Geo::GDAL::Driver Driver (scalar Name)
public list DriverNames ()
public list Drivers ()
public method EscapeString ()
public scalar FindFile (scalar basename)
public method FinderClean ()
public method GOA2GetAccessToken ()
public method GOA2GetAuthorizationURL ()
public method GOA2GetRefreshToken ()
public method GetActualURL ()
public scalar GetCacheMax ()
public scalar GetCacheUsed ()
public scalar GetConfigOption (scalar key)
public scalar GetDataTypeSize (scalar DataType)
public method GetErrorCounter ()
public method GetFileSystemOptions ()
public method GetFileSystemsPrefixes ()
public method GetJPEG2000StructureAsString ()
public method GetSignedURL ()
public Geo::GDAL::Driver IdentifyDriver (scalar path, scalar siblings)
public method IdentifyDriverEx ()
public method MkdirRecursive ()
public Geo::GDAL::Dataset Open (hash params)
public Geo::GDAL::Dataset OpenEx (hash params)
public list OpenFlags ()
public scalar PackCharacter (scalar DataType)
public scalar PackedDMSToDec (scalar packed)
public method PopFinderLocation ()
public method PushFinderLocation (scalar path)
public list RIOResamplingTypes ()
public list ResamplingTypes ()
public method RmdirRecursive ()
public method SetCacheMax (scalar Bytes)
public method SetConfigOption (scalar key, scalar value)
public method UseExceptions ()
public method VSICurlClearCache ()
public method VSIFEofL ()
public method VSIFOpenExL ()
public method VSIGetLastErrorMsg ()
public method VSIGetLastErrorNo ()
public scalar VersionInfo (scalar request= 'VERSION_NUM')
public scalar errstr ()

Detailed Description

Enable asynchronous requests.

This class is not yet documented nor tested in the GDAL Perl wrappers

Test and document.

Definition at line 1310 of file all.dox.

Member Function Documentation

public method Geo::GDAL::AsyncReader::GetNextUpdatedRegion ( )

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public method Geo::GDAL::AsyncReader::LockBuffer ( )

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public method Geo::GDAL::AsyncReader::UnlockBuffer ( )

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