Geo::GDAL  2.3
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CGDALGDAL utility functions and a root class for raster classes.
 CAsyncReaderEnable asynchronous requests.
 CBandA raster band.
 CColorTableA color table from a raster band or a color table, which can be used for a band.
 CDatasetA set of associated raster bands or vector layer source.
 CDriverA driver for a specific dataset format.
 CExtentA rectangular area in projection coordinates: xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax.

 CGCPA ground control point for georeferencing rasters.
 CGeoTransformAn array of affine transformation coefficients.
 CMajorObjectAn object, which holds meta data.
 CRasterAttributeTableAn attribute table in a raster band.
 CVSIFA GDAL virtual file system.
 CXMLA simple XML parser
 CGNMBase class for geographical networks in GDAL.
 COGROGR utility functions.
 CDataSourceA vector dataset.
 CDriverA vector format driver.
 CFeatureA collection of non-spatial and spatial attributes.
 CFeatureDefnThe schema of a feature or a layer.
 CFieldDefnA definition of a non-spatial attribute.
 CGeometrySpatial data.
 CGeomFieldDefnA definition of a spatial attribute.
 CLayerA collection of similar features.
 COSRBase class for projection related classes.
 CCoordinateTransformationAn object for transforming from one projection to another.
 CSpatialReferenceA spatial reference system.